How Grey’s Anatomy defined life with TV

In Thursday’s episode, How to Save a Life, Grey’s Anatomy ended the life of a fictional character. It has done this before, just like so many entertainment forms in the past. But this time it’s different. Grey’s Anatomy used the twist of fictional death to celebrate its life. In this, it defined what television series are. Lees verder “How Grey’s Anatomy defined life with TV”

Grey’s Anatomy – Season 11 (Part One)

When a series has reached its eleventh season, it doesn’t have to do much more than what it has already been doing. Intriguing weekly cases, every now and then a shocking episode and perhaps a romantic development. It is a standard formula. It is all the more impressive that ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ manages to surpass itself. The first part of season eleven is not only a … Lees verder Grey’s Anatomy – Season 11 (Part One)

Grey’s Anatomy – Seizoen 10 (Eerste deel)

Grey’s Anatomy is al weer toe aan haar tiende seizoen en dan kan enige herhaling opspelen. de driehoeksverhoudingen, de rampen, de medische conflicten die verschillende discussies oproepen, we hebben het al tientallen keren gezien. Toch is het nog steeds niet saai. Kijkend naar de eerste helft van het seizoen lijkt de serie nog even leuk, spannend en dramatisch als het altijd is. Met een gezonde … Lees verder Grey’s Anatomy – Seizoen 10 (Eerste deel)

Grey’s Anatomy – Seizoen 10 (Tweede deel)

De tweede helft van dit jubileumjaar is consequent, zacht gezegd. Als er een serie is die zich in latere seizoenen heeft gevonden, dan is dat Grey’s Anatomy wel. De dertiende aflevering geeft antwoord op de spannende cliffhanger op Aprils (Sarah Drew) bruiloft. Tegelijkertijd blijven de complicaties zich opstapelen voor Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) en Dereks (Patrick Dempsey) relatie nu hij door de president gevraagd is om … Lees verder Grey’s Anatomy – Seizoen 10 (Tweede deel)

Favorite TV Moments of 2012

Memories are only as good as the feeling they give you, which why through the art of re-watching, TV shows tend to give you the best kind memories: the ones that last forever. 2012 was a perfect year in that sense adding and taking some of my favorite shows of all time. Whether these shows set themselves apart by cinematography, quotes, song choice, editing, nostalgia or performance, they add up to truly some of the best moments of the year. Here’s my top 10 11 of favorite TV moments of the year.

!!! Obviously there are major spoilers ahead. Watch out if you still want to see Downton Abbey S3, The Vampire Diaries S3 or Grey’s Anatomy S8!!!

Bonus: Kristen Bell’s weird love for sloths

There’s absolute joy in seeing your favorite star in the world in an interview. Ellen is a great host so everything about Kristen Bell visiting would be good. But we couldn’t expect she’d have a birthday video about a special present from her boyfriend. The video is hilarious, the moment so weird  and random and yet relatable. It’s an honest moment in a new age where celebrities make their own press. With 14 million views it’s the most popular video from the list and it spun off a series of spoofs and homages. Kristen Bell remains flawless.
Episode: Ellen January 31st, 2012.  Lees verder “Favorite TV Moments of 2012”