Zootopia (2016)

zootopia-movie-posterZootopia was inspired by Robin Hood and the idea of animals in tiny clothes. Thanks to a incredibly talented team under supervision of Tangled’s Byron Howard, Disney delivers its wildest movie ever. Doubling down on the social themes ignited by Frozen it matches every bu
ddy cop comedy and gritty detective with a story so fast-paced, rich and unpredictable it’s an absolute wonder it ever got made. But more than anything, Zootopia is a Disney movie that’s unapologetically topical.
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The Ultimate Supercut of Every Disney Animation Studios Film Ever

So in order to relax in this busy time I actually used up my spare minutes to edit this video of every Disney Animation Studios film ever. It’s a whole lot worse than that other supercut that’s making waves right now, but I personally can’t get enough of seeing my this. As a Disney fan the theatrical list of the studio is like this holy bible. … Lees verder The Ultimate Supercut of Every Disney Animation Studios Film Ever

Treasure Planet (2002)

Treasure Planet posterTreasure Planet offers the daring concept of combining worlds. It launches Robert Louis Stevenson classic novel into space, forces traditional animation with computer animation and offers up the struggle of being a kid and a man. Not all of these combinations work to the movie’s benefit. Being one of the costliest movies of all time sentences any film to a life of shame, and yet, even for all of its flaws, Treasure Planet is a far better result than its box-office figures. Lees verder “Treasure Planet (2002)”

Lilo & Stitch (2002)

lilo and stitch one in every familyLilo & Stitch easily had one of the most memorable marketing strategies of all Disney movies. The character of Stitch clawed its way through classical Disney moments, thereby subverting the outside pressure on the creators to churn out exactly such fair. Despite its obvious task of creating a more modern, Shrek-like protagonist, Lilo & Stitch was produced far away from the corporate restraints that wanted more “boy movies” and more comedy. That shows. No marketing can hide the fact that Lilo & Stitch, is indeed another classic Disney feature. With a heart the size of a young Hawaiian girl, it’s also unique in its kind.  Lees verder “Lilo & Stitch (2002)”

Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

Atlantis The Lost Empire posterAtlantis: The Lost Empire is one of the hidden treasures in the Disney Classics series. Directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise, the movie certainly is a diversion from their previous masterpieces like Beauty and the Beast. A definite template of the “aimed at boys” strategy of the Animation Studios, Atlantis mainly thrives in its beauty, action and imaginative story. In retrospective, it doesn’t just hold up well, it even outperforms the same story that frameworked the top grossing movie of all time.
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The Rise and Fall of Traditional Disney Animation

The Rise and Fall of Traditional Disney Animation With great pride I present to you my essay on the demise of Disney’s traditional, hand-drawn animation. A look back on how the artists, the executives and the industry influenced an art form that thrived and derailed at the biggest entertainment company in the world. The link will send you to SugarSync where you can download the … Lees verder The Rise and Fall of Traditional Disney Animation

DreamWorks’ ‘The Croods’ is an age-old refreshment

‘The Croods’ is DreamWorks latest installment and one that hits all kind of high notes. It’s not a sequel and therefor already a refreshment from the studio’s line-up. Yet, ‘The Croods’ is built on age old foundations of storytelling and still manages to feel new. With family, traditional versus modern and road trip wrapped up into one film you can’t really expect too much originality. Everything does go exactly as panned out but one of the perks is that the movie is savvy enough to never question its predictability. Instead, it thrives on it and molds it into something entirely different. 

The movie features a caveman family hiding away from the dangerous world they live in, day after day. Until the daughter, Eep, disobeys her father’s rules and goes out to meet a guy named Guy. Guy proclaims the world is ending and unlike any of those Mayan folk, he’s actually on to something. Eep and her family make a run for it and Guy is stuck guiding them on their way to a new home. Lees verder “DreamWorks’ ‘The Croods’ is an age-old refreshment”