Nederland Serieland

Het kijken van een serie is niet langer beperkt tot de woonkamer. Steeds meer websites, diensten en apparaten maken het mogelijk om series te kijken waar en wanneer het de gebruiker uitkomt. Nederlanders willen meer series zien, praten er graag over en willen er veel over weten. Door de omarming van het publiek lijkt het entertainment genre uit de kinderschoenen gestapt. Hoe zijn series op eens zo populair geworden? Lees verder “Nederland Serieland”


The Show of a Lifetime

On one of my walls in my college dorm room there’s a huge poster of a surfer walking on a beach at sunset. It says ‘It’s nothing like where you live. And nothing like what you imagine.’ The air of exclusivity and subtle teasing that surrounds the poster mixed with a gorgeous backdrop is exactly what made me so invested in the show it advertises. Ten years have come and gone since ‘The O.C.’ premiered on FOX in the autumn of 2003 and to me it’s as brilliant, influential and beautiful now as it ever was.

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The Vampire Diaries – Season 4

The fourth season of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ contains all kinds of new components. The opening has changed into a more generic introduction to the show (don’t worry, they change it back later on). The show is losing some of its steam because it’s using a lot of familiar tricks (understandably so considering this is the fourth season of a show that packs more story than any other show out there). Oh, and the main character is very much dead. Season 4 feels fresh and vibrant. Because “losing steam” on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ means that it’s still pretty much the most daring, fast-paced, ahead-of-the-curb drama that is on the air, there’s still enough to enjoy. The visual effects rival that of ‘Game of Thrones’, the bloodshed and death count puts ‘Dexter’ to shame and the risk the writers dare to take make any show look like child’s play. And yet, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ is still seen as that teen show about a girl in love with two vampires. Which is true. But if you judge a show by its premise, you’re going to miss out on the most fun you can have on network television. Lees verder “The Vampire Diaries – Season 4”

DreamWorks’ ‘The Croods’ is an age-old refreshment

‘The Croods’ is DreamWorks latest installment and one that hits all kind of high notes. It’s not a sequel and therefor already a refreshment from the studio’s line-up. Yet, ‘The Croods’ is built on age old foundations of storytelling and still manages to feel new. With family, traditional versus modern and road trip wrapped up into one film you can’t really expect too much originality. Everything does go exactly as panned out but one of the perks is that the movie is savvy enough to never question its predictability. Instead, it thrives on it and molds it into something entirely different. 

The movie features a caveman family hiding away from the dangerous world they live in, day after day. Until the daughter, Eep, disobeys her father’s rules and goes out to meet a guy named Guy. Guy proclaims the world is ending and unlike any of those Mayan folk, he’s actually on to something. Eep and her family make a run for it and Guy is stuck guiding them on their way to a new home. Lees verder “DreamWorks’ ‘The Croods’ is an age-old refreshment”

Favorite TV Moments of 2012

Memories are only as good as the feeling they give you, which why through the art of re-watching, TV shows tend to give you the best kind memories: the ones that last forever. 2012 was a perfect year in that sense adding and taking some of my favorite shows of all time. Whether these shows set themselves apart by cinematography, quotes, song choice, editing, nostalgia or performance, they add up to truly some of the best moments of the year. Here’s my top 10 11 of favorite TV moments of the year.

!!! Obviously there are major spoilers ahead. Watch out if you still want to see Downton Abbey S3, The Vampire Diaries S3 or Grey’s Anatomy S8!!!

Bonus: Kristen Bell’s weird love for sloths

There’s absolute joy in seeing your favorite star in the world in an interview. Ellen is a great host so everything about Kristen Bell visiting would be good. But we couldn’t expect she’d have a birthday video about a special present from her boyfriend. The video is hilarious, the moment so weird  and random and yet relatable. It’s an honest moment in a new age where celebrities make their own press. With 14 million views it’s the most popular video from the list and it spun off a series of spoofs and homages. Kristen Bell remains flawless.
Episode: Ellen January 31st, 2012.  Lees verder “Favorite TV Moments of 2012”