How Grey’s Anatomy defined life with TV

In Thursday’s episode, How to Save a Life, Grey’s Anatomy ended the life of a fictional character. It has done this before, just like so many entertainment forms in the past. But this time it’s different. Grey’s Anatomy used the twist of fictional death to celebrate its life. In this, it defined what television series are. Lees verder “How Grey’s Anatomy defined life with TV”

Why The Vampire Diaries will survive Nina Dobrev’s exit

As I opened Buzzfeed this morning and was wondering why they featured a listicle with Nina Dobrev, I was met with shock. And then relief. Losing the lead on any show means the end, for sure. Except, The Vampire Diaries is already renewed for season seven. So we’re about to witness a show losing its central character in Elena Gilbert and a fantastic actrice in Nina Dobrev, whether we like it or not. But let me tell you why the show will live on. Lees verder “Why The Vampire Diaries will survive Nina Dobrev’s exit”

The Uncertain Future of Game of Thrones

HBO renewed the highly successful ‘Game of Thrones’ with two seasons. The show scored HBO’s highest rated episode since ‘The Sopranos’ went off the air with the season four premiere. That doesn’t even include the millions of viewers who watch through alternative channels. Meanwhile the show’s marketing reaches the far corners of the earth and the dozens of actors are upgraded to the higher levels of stardom. ‘Game of Thrones’ is a global phenomenon in every way. Rightfully so. It’s one of the most consistent shows in quality on television. Last season’s unprecedented climax sent fans screaming into their pillows. The new season is as anticipated as the Super Bowl or a Hunger Games sequel. There seems to be no end to the show’s success. Yet, the future of the show is worrisome to say the least.

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