Review: Ralph Breaks The Patriarchy

Disney Animation carries a lot of weight as a brand when it comes to the age of reboots and remakes no one specifically asked for but everyone enjoys anyway. The studio that got famous on translating fairy tales and legends to the big screen, doesn’t enter the 21st Century for just any reason. Indeed, Ralph Breaks The Internet doesnʼt find its legitimacy with its almost … Lees verder Review: Ralph Breaks The Patriarchy

How Disney’s new Jungle Book corrects for years of troubling undertones

If mention of The Jungle Book conjures up warm childhood memories of singing bears and dancing monkeys, Disney’s new star-studded, live-action/CGI version, which hits theaters Friday, will delight you. But beyond the sheer aesthetic pleasure of Baloo and King Louie cavorting around on the big screen again, the new film is a surprisingly thoughtful attempt to modernize Rudyard Kipling’s 1894 novel, and the troubling racial underpinnings on which … Lees verder How Disney’s new Jungle Book corrects for years of troubling undertones

Zootopia (2016)

zootopia-movie-posterZootopia was inspired by Robin Hood and the idea of animals in tiny clothes. Thanks to a incredibly talented team under supervision of Tangled’s Byron Howard, Disney delivers its wildest movie ever. Doubling down on the social themes ignited by Frozen it matches every bu
ddy cop comedy and gritty detective with a story so fast-paced, rich and unpredictable it’s an absolute wonder it ever got made. But more than anything, Zootopia is a Disney movie that’s unapologetically topical.
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Cinderella (2015)

cinderella_ver2_xlgKenneth Branagh’s Cinderella (2015) probably won’t be the interpretation of the beloved fairy tale to end all interpretations, but for all intents and purposes it might certainly well be. Intentionally honoring the Disney animated classic as well as the original story, this Cinderella is obviously safe, but it does the unthinkable: it breathes life into an old dream.  Lees verder “Cinderella (2015)”