About Me

Really, I’m just a guy who loves movies and tv shows and that’s what this site showcases. You can call it my portfolio but it’s more of a collection of my love letters to the moving images that inspire me and motivate me every day to continue my work in the entertainment industry.

Starting 2015 I am officially a writer’s assistant for television shows. You can hire me for minuting meetings at 100 words per minute and fast, extensive and professional research (making good use of that Journalism degree). I’m meticulous about details in fiction and portraying the world as rich, accurate and responsible as possible, because I believe that this enhances viewer engagement. I also address story clichés and character stereotypes during brainstorms for free ;). Past endeavours in the industry include internships as a camera assistant (Goedenavond Dames en Heren) and production assistant (Bureau Raampoort) which have given me an on-the-ground experience of working on a filmset. This proves to be a valuable asset in my work as a script coordinator (Het Geheim van Eyck) and a researcher (various projects) where alongside writers and producers I strive for the most effective solutions on script level to tell the most powerful stories on screen. Bonus skills include adding stuff on IMDb, application process for festivals, analysing story structure in existing television series, up to date knowledge of industry trends and an abundance of useless Hollywood trivia.

10996593_10206218931055247_8013269506036440622_nMy name is Manju Reijmer, born May 17th, 1990 in Sri Lanka. I was adopted by a Dutch family (hence the last name), and lived in the small town of Duiven for most of my life. I stepped out for a year of high school in 2009 in Mitchell, Oregon, U.S. Afterwards I got my bachelor degree Journalism from Windesheim, Zwolle. Over the years I developed a special interest in feminism and racism in modern media, as well as geopolitical conflicts and Hollywood business with box-office and VOD trends. My current favourite TV shows are Game of Thrones, The Vampire Diaries, The 100, The Good Wife and Grey’s Anatomy. No, I’m not joking, they really are the best. Check my reviews to see why. Also my favourite movie of all time is still The Lion King because duh how can anything top that.

If you like to chat about movies slash TV shows, want to know where you can send your gift red wine to or are interested in hiring me, reach me at manju.reijmer@icloud.com. Don’t ask me for dates though, I’m already in a polygamous relationship with Netflix, HBO and Hulu.

Add me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/manju.reijmer
Follow me on my personal Twitter: https://twitter.com/manjureijmer
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