Game of Thrones 5×01 – The Wars to Come (recap)

Angry dragons! A king burned alive! A naked Michiel Huisman! The fans have been good because the season five premiere of Game of Thrones was a gift that keeps on giving. So drink a glass of wine, spit it out and let’s talk about it!

This recap of episode 5×01 The Wars to Come contains spoilers for every episode up until this one. No spoilers for future (leaked) episodes or the books.


The mysterious Cersei

What a surprise the season opened with a flashback to young Cersei. She’s one of my favorites and it was fun to see that iron will back in the day. Who was her friend though? And who was the witch? What can we expect from those premonitions? Now Tywin is dead and Tyrion and Sansa are far beyond her reach, it’s a little unclear as to what Cersei will be doing from now on. What is clear however is the epic stare from Lena Headey. I should practice on that one. It seems like Margaery is Cersei’s main concern, but the first scenes showcased that literally everyone is bugging her right now. Even Jamie. Well, at least they didn’t have sex net to their dad’s dead body! Think positive. The return of Lancel was a nice touch. It reminded us the writers haven’t forgotten what most of us have and it sort of confirmed that Cersei was in on the plan to kill Robert. Cersei always was the best player in the game of thrones but I don’t know what her next move will be to stay in power. PS: Who’d have thought Lancel would turn out to be a bumhunk? Those Sparrows sure promise to be different.


On The Road Again

By far the most promising reveal of the hour was the mere mention of Tyrion meeting Daenerys. I mean, this will probably never happen because honestly this show. Look at how Podrick even mentioned finding Sansa with her driving by. Rude. But for now the idea that two prominent characters will meet will make even an unsullied excited. Until that day comes, Tyrion and Varys make up a delicious duo. Their conversations hold some fundemental meaning for the titular game. And it turns out Varys was in on the plot from Illyrio in season 1. Connections!


A dragon queen without dragons

It was already in the stars but Daenerys is no longer a dragon mother. That’s what happens when you lock your children in a cave and visit them weeks later. The scene in the dark was truly magnificent and well executed. Also worrisome are the people who are turning against our Khaleesi. How gruelling was the death of White Rat? If you can’t let a whore hum you to sleep, who can? Who are these Sons of the Harpy? And who was that massador? How distracted were you when Michiel Huisman was pouring a glass? Uhm. What? Oh right: a new army is out for revenge and the dragons are NOT happy. Even though she’s a determined ruler as ever, without her dragons, Dany is kind of like every other ruler. Maybe she needs to hug her children a little more often? It’s not like she can burn or anything.


Longest elevator ride ever

You know who can burn? Mance Rayder. Keep your shield up if you forgot Stannis and his crew were at the Wall now. Honestly, the whole surrender of Mance was kind of weird. Didn’t Jon just try to murder him? But even if Mance wanted to die before betraying his principles, Jon had some solid points as to what would happen after his death. Also: it’s nice that Stannis wants to avenge Robb (#neverforget) but it’s confirmed the true power lies with Melisandre. Carice van Houten has the best role. She gets to lit people on fire all the time and she is never cold! Even more cool is the suggestion she gets to put her hands/leeches on Jon. This was the first time, by the time, that it occurred to me that the titular Fire in A Song of Ice and Fire may refer to the Lord of Light instead of Daenery’s dragons. I’m confused. In any case does it not refer to Mance. #AnotherKingBitesTheDust

More thoughts:

  • Too bad Jamie and Cersei’s romantic reunion is already over. Twincest just can’t get a break, you know?
  • Sansa is ON. But what’s in the west? And has her voice ever sounded that low?
  • How cool was the mirroring of Margaery and Loras’ conversation with that of Jamie and Tyrion in the pilot. I live for these references.
  • Jon taught the murderer of his loved one to fight better. That’s cold.
  • Where is Arya. Not a question, it’s a demand.

Honestly, this was another amazing episode full of memorable conversations and exciting prospects. I am super satisfied but that’s relatively easy! How about you guys? Which details did you notice? Have you ever stuffed your shit through a hole in a box? Or thrown it overboard? Be honest.

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