Favorite TV Moments of 2012

Memories are only as good as the feeling they give you, which why through the art of re-watching, TV shows tend to give you the best kind memories: the ones that last forever. 2012 was a perfect year in that sense adding and taking some of my favorite shows of all time. Whether these shows set themselves apart by cinematography, quotes, song choice, editing, nostalgia or performance, they add up to truly some of the best moments of the year. Here’s my top 10 11 of favorite TV moments of the year.

!!! Obviously there are major spoilers ahead. Watch out if you still want to see Downton Abbey S3, The Vampire Diaries S3 or Grey’s Anatomy S8!!!

Bonus: Kristen Bell’s weird love for sloths

There’s absolute joy in seeing your favorite star in the world in an interview. Ellen is a great host so everything about Kristen Bell visiting would be good. But we couldn’t expect she’d have a birthday video about a special present from her boyfriend. The video is hilarious, the moment so weird  and random and yet relatable. It’s an honest moment in a new age where celebrities make their own press. With 14 million views it’s the most popular video from the list and it spun off a series of spoofs and homages. Kristen Bell remains flawless.
Episode: Ellen January 31st, 2012. 

10. Grey’s Anatomy loves you

Dramatically there are a lot of great moments from this year’s Grey’s Anatomy. However, if you’ve ever been in love and you aren’t a lead character who’s used to doing monologues every week, this scene is basically the best. Chyler Leigh is a comedic talent and her adorable portrayal of Lexie makes this confession one for the books. After three (or four? five maybe?) seasons of heartbreak, Lexie confesses she is in love with Mark. Too bad that only two episodes later she dies from a plane accident and Mark consequently dies too. But for this moment, Lexie is in love and she has the courage to say it. How many of us have been there?
Episode: Grey’s Anatomy S08E22 – Let The Bad Times Roll.

9. Smash goes Bollywood

The much talked about Bollywood song in the musical drama Smash sparked a lot of negativity. Personally, I couldn’t get enough. This is probably related to some deep recognition with the culture but more importantly, this is a moment that both ridicules, embodies and explains the situation of every character on the show in a dance extravaganza that features Katherine McPhee in a sexy dress. Exactly what about this big budget number is not memorable? Oh and it was stuck in my head for most of Spring 2012.
Smash S01E12 – Publicity. Song: Smash Cast – A Thousand and One Nights.

8. Downton Abbey’s impossibility

This is video is of disastrous quality but the scene hardly suffers from it. Death on TV is never more brutal when unexpected and lasting. So when everybody’s favorite sibling Sybil births a child only to die of a disease we spend the entire episode avoiding, there’s mainly disbelief. The entire family has to watch while the young one is in agonizing pain, her husband screaming for help, her mother heartbroken. Only, after the reality sinks in, we hear the newly born cry for her mother. That’s gut wrenching television.
Episode: Downton Abbey S03E05 – Episode 5.

7. The X Factor owns bullies

Reality TV doesn’t get me. At all. Ever. But when I saw this moment I ditched by belief of ignoring reality TV to follow this girl on the competition. I don’t care how much of it was staged. Jillian Jensen opens up about being bullied in an honest way to millions of people. The editors in particular did an amazing job dramatizing the emotion of it, with Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper in the backstory. Demi walking up the stage to support Jillian is touching. Jillian singing like a powerhouse is just rewarding. Everybody loves a happy ending, especially when bullies get to feel sorry.
Episode: The X Factor S02E01 – Auditions #1. Song: Jillian Jensen – Who You Are

6. The Newsroom opens cold

Aaron Sorkin and his openings. While someone pointed out this is hardly original, it is however, effective. We’re launched right in a political debate and our lead character is not paying attention. But once he does, he speaks to America in a way every single other country has talked about America in the 21st century. The summing of the statistics is impressive, the message behind them poignant. This is the cold open of a show and it hits a topic right in the gut. That is amazing writing performed strong by Jeff Daniels.
Episode: The Newsroom S01E01 – We Just Decided To

5. Gossip Girl’s looking pretty

This scene is my least favorite in terms of story-telling, but works perfectly in everything else. The song launched into my all-time favorites and the directing is flawless. Serena (Blake Lively) tired of her life, laying in a ray of light on her bed is absolute artistry. Equally as brilliant is Ivy (Kaylee DeFer) standing victorious but alone next to a casket. The smooching at the end is not great but fits the tones so dashingly it ends the montage appropriately.
Gossip Girl S05E17 – The Princess Dowry. Song: Among Savages – New York City.

4. Desperate Housewives’ moments of life

As a fan of Day 1 it’s always rewarding to see a series finale, but this montage was particularly well done. A birth, a wedding and a death are mixed beautifully to a classical song. Added pain was due to actress Kathryn Joosten dying 20 days after her on-screen death. Emotional, painful and joyful but most of all memorable.
Episode: Desperate Housewives S08E23 – Finishing The Hat. Song: Johnny Mathis – Wonderful! Wonderful!

3. Girls gone wild

The only thing I love more than fights are girl fights. Possibly all of my favorite TV moments include girl fights. So when the aptly titled Girls showed the two lead roomies speaking truthfully about each other, it lifted the “girl fight” thing to a deeper level. The conversation was amazingly written, with realistic and raw sentences with character depth, relatable uncertainties and honesty, seldom found on TV. This is drama done great.
Episode: Girls S01E09 – Leave Me Alone. 

2. One Tree Hill’s closing montage

This one is for the fans. The quotes from all the main characters tend to run rather long but, honestly, for a pay-off six years (and most of my coming-of age life) in the making, it’s a perfect moment of nostalgia. From all the goodbyes I’ve said this year, this one stings the most.
Episode: One Tree Hill S09E13 – One Tree Hill. Song: U2 – One Tree Hill.

1. The Vampire Diaries kills its main character

This is as perfect as television can get. In the most important, beautifully shot and executed, moment of the series, Elena (Nina Dobrev) is stuck under water in Matt’s (Zach Roerig) truck and flashbacks to when she was stuck in the same water with her parents. Then, Stefan (Paul Wesley) saved her, but her parents died. Now, she passes on her father’s example by letting Stefan save Matt. Consequently, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) loses his best friend and the girl he loves and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) loses his last guardian and his sister. The show kills its lead character and… surprise! She’s now a vampire. Consider me dead too.
Episode: The Vampire Diaries S03E22 – The Departed. Song: Sigor Ross – Dauoalogn

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